How To Get Verified On Instagram (Plus Helpful Tips & Tricks For Verification Success)

The Instagram verification badge is designed to highlight genuine, authentic accounts for brands and public figures. 

But it’s also seen as a status symbol. For growing businesses, and individuals, getting verified on Instagram can be seen as an indication that they’ve reached a certain level of influence and credibility on the platform. 

In this article, we outline exactly how you can get verified on Instagram, and some helpful tricks to increase your chances of success. 

What does it mean to be verified on Instagram? 

Instagram verification identifies an account as belonging to a public figure, celebrity, or brand. It’s a blue tick in a badge next to the account name that shows that the account has been verified as legitimate by Instagram. It’s designed to make the real account for celebrities and brands easily identifiable so that followers know they are following a genuine account. 

While the verification badge can make an account stand out to scrollers, Instagram states that they don’t get treated any differently by the algorithms that prioritise and highlight certain posts. 

How do you get verified on Instagram? 

Anyone can apply to get verified on Instagram, but to get your verification approved can be quite difficult. Instagram says that it aims to only verify accounts that are notable and likely to be impersonated by fake or copy accounts. If you think your account might qualify for verification then here’s how to go about it. 

Meet the requirements

Before you apply for verification you need to make sure that your account complies with Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. You also need to meet these criteria: 

  • Be the person that you say you are on your account, a registered business, or a brand
  • You can only verify one account per person or business unless you have multiple accounts for different languages or countries 
  • Your Instagram account needs to be set to public. Private accounts cannot become verified
  • The account needs to have a complete profile — a bio, a profile picture, and at least one post
  • Your account needs to be for someone or something notable that a lot of people will search for

If you meet all of the above criteria, the next step is to apply for verification.

Apply for verification on Instagram 

The actual application process for verification is really straightforward: 

  1. Go to your profile page and click the menu icon in the top right-hand corner 
  2. Tap on Settings and then click Account and next select Request Verification 
  3. Then fill in the verification request form 
  4. You’ll need to give them your legal name, working name (if it’s different), and select your category. You also need to provide a photo of your official government identification. For individuals, this would be a passport or driver’s licence, and business could provide a bull or tax filings 
  5. Submit your request by clicking Send 

Simple as that!

Verification request response 

It can take a few days or up to a week to get a response to your request for Instagram verification. Once your application has been reviewed, you’ll receive the response via your Instagram account notifications. 

You will receive a yes or no, with no feedback or explanation. If your request is rejected then you have to wait at least 30 days before you can try again. 

Screenshot of BBC Good Food’s verified Instagram account.

Image: Instagram

Tips for getting verified on Instagram 

Getting approved for Instagram verification is pretty difficult unless you’re a big celebrity or brand. But these are some tips that will increase your chances: 

Keep an eye out for fake accounts 

If fake or imposter accounts keep popping up on Instagram that looks like yours or your brand, then keep a record of them. This is one of the main reasons that Instagram states for verifying an account — so that people can find the main, legitimate account and distinguish it from fake accounts. 

Boost your following 

While Instagram doesn’t specify a certain number of followers for your account to become verified, the more followers you have, the more notable your account is going to be. And these need to be engaged followers that are actually interacting with your posts and account. 

When you have a higher number of followers, the more likely it is that you are someone of interest — someone that a lot of people are going to be searching Instagram for. Generally speaking, Instagram would tend to verify your account then to make it easier for people to find you. 

This is how influencers will get verification for their account — once enough users are interested in them. 

Make sure your account is unique

Your Instagram account needs to stand out and be considered unique to increase the chances of getting verified. Only accounts that belong to businesses, brands, and well-known public figures are going to get that blue badge. 

To get to that point you need an account that has a unique name, with unique content that isn’t posted anywhere else — this means sharing your own original images and videos. 

Your posts also need to be influential and engaging so that you can build up an audience — not generic or boring images that anyone could share. 

Get mentioned and featured elsewhere 

Another way to boost yourself as a public figure or social media influencer — and to get that verification — is to be talked about elsewhere online. 

For example, if you’re mentioned in news articles, press releases, or online publications then you’re more likely to be someone that’s noteworthy. However, it’s important to note that Instagram will disregard any paid or promotional content that you are featured in. 

Don’t try to buy verification for your account  

Finally, however much you want to get your Instagram account verified, don’t get tempted to pay someone for it. 

There are all sorts of people, accounts, and apps that offer verification badges but it’s important to remember that they can’t be sold or bought. Only Instagram itself can verify an account and they will never charge you for it. 

Even though anyone can apply for verification on Instagram, they’re quite strict on approving requests. So the best strategy to get the blue badge, whether you’re a business or an influencer, is to regularly post unique and relevant content, engage with your followers, and build up a large audience. 

The more people that are searching for your Instagram account and the bigger your brand, the more likely you are to get verified on Instagram.

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