4 Inspiring Influencers Who Use Their Platform To Inspire Positive Social Change

Influencers have the power to make positive social change around the world — and we’re always on the lookout for those who use their voice to inspire a brighter, more just future. 

The marketing world knows influencers have a unique ability to connect with their audience: but what happens when they use this authenticity to help shape the world for good? 

Some influencers use their platform to inspire hope and invite us to grow with them. In this article, we celebrate four influencers and familiar faces who use their platform to speak up and inspire positive social change. Read on as we celebrate these individuals and shine a spotlight on their incredible work. 

Yalda Hakim – news anchor and correspondent

Screenshot of The Yalda Hakim Foundation, which provides scholarships to female students in Afghanistan.

Image: The Yalda Hakim Foundation

Yalda Hakim delivers hard-hitting journalism for BBC World News on her flagship show Impact with Yalda Hakim, but alongside high-profile interviews, Yalda seeks to empower others using her platform.

The Yalda Hakim Foundation (YHF) provides scholarships giving female students the opportunity to study Business Administration, Law, Computer Science, and Political Science at the American University of Afghanistan. 

Despite being two decades removed from the Taliban’s fall, YHF describes Afghanistan as being one of the worst places for girls to attend school. This is because attacks on female students and their teachers continue due to the area’s instability and rise of militant groups like the so-called Islamic State. 

The YHF works with local stakeholders to ensure young women have the best chance to complete their education, helping them further by opening opportunities for employment once their course is completed. 

Want to learn more about Yalda and her work with the YHF? Follow her on Twitter where she posts regular updates promoting the foundation’s progress to her followers. 

Marcus Rashford – professional footballer and campaigner

Screenshot from End Child Food Poverty, which is a campaign championed by Marcus Rashford.

Image: End Child Food Poverty

Manchester United winger and England International Marcus Rashford MBE supported families during the pandemic, campaigning for free school meals and working alongside hunger-fighting charity FareShareUK. 

Marcus Rashford has a substantial following across all social platforms, which he used as a force for good at a time when it was sorely needed. His campaign work on social media (and in real life) throughout last summer helped dissuade the government from ending its school meal voucher scheme — a project that offers free school meals to 1.3 million children living in poverty around England.

The fight to protect our most vulnerable children is far from over.

Marcus Rashford 

The extension of such a scheme shows the potential of using your platform to inspire change. After all, hunger doesn’t wear club colours and Marcus has become a working-class hero, breaking down traditional football divides to see him honoured at Goodison Park in Liverpool, alongside everywhere else in the country.  

MrBeast – YouTube sensation and eco-warrior

Screenshot of Team Trees, which is an environmental charity organised by MrBeast.

Image: Team Trees

Known for his outlandishly flamboyant challenges, MrBeast is a YouTube sensation with over 61 million subscribers. But that’s not all. MrBeast (or Jimmy Donaldson) is also known for his philanthropic work caring for the environment. 

In 2019 Jimmy teamed up with the Arbour Day Foundation — the biggest tree-planting organisation in the world — to bring forests back to their natural state. Labelled with the hashtag #TeamTrees, for each dollar donated, one tree is planted in a forest in need.


The original challenge stipulated Jimmy had to plant 20 million trees around the world, but now over two years into the venture #TeamTrees has exceeded its goal, achieving a whopping 22.937.113 at the time of counting. 

I enjoy doing good things

Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) 

Jimmy Donaldson has also started a charity of his own called Beast Philanthropy where 100% of his channel’s revenue goes towards helping people in need. 

Beth Brawley – Instagram star and certified counsellor

Screenshot of life_without_anxiety, which is an Instagram page run by Beth Brawley

Image: life_without_anxiety

Alt: Screenshot of life_without_anxiety, which is an Instagram page run by Beth Brawley

Anxiety is something a huge number of us struggle with. Like many, Beth Brawley learned from personal experience how much therapy can help treat symptoms of anxiety and improve mental wellbeing. 

Beth’s first-hand experience with anxiety inspired her to pursue a career in psychology — and become a licenced, certified counsellor to help people battling with the same issue. 

Specialising in anxiety, OCD, and body-focused repetitive behaviours, her work helps to take back control of our mind and make choices that are in line with our values. 

To reach a larger audience and amplify her knowledge, Beth shares encouraging handwritten notes on Instagram to provide advice and give her followers confidence that anyone can conquer their struggles, no matter how bad things get. 

Familiar faces have the potential to make real change and improve the lives of their followers. These are just a few examples of what happens when influencers use their platform to amplify the voices of those in need and the things they care about.

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