Understanding The True Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business

Why blog? Well, despite video being the content king, blogging still holds tremendous benefits for a business that knows how to wield its power.

Writing fresh blog content is an accessible and effective tool for any budding entrepreneur, startup owner, or growing brand to use and get lasting results. 

In this article we look at all the ways running a blog on your website benefits your business. From Hubspot and Moz to ecommerce store builders like Shopify, countless successful businesses run blogs to prop up their sales channel and motivate purchases. Here’s why: 

Benefit #1: A blog will drive traffic to your website

First and foremost, blogging helps drive traffic to your website.   

One of the main goals in marketing is to attract more visitors to your website, and by creating consistent, quality blog content, you can do exactly that. 

Think about some paid strategies your business could use to direct people to your website… For many marketers paying for traffic by placing ads is likely the first tactic that comes to mind. But it certainly isn’t the most effective. Not only is it expensive to buy ad space on Google, but once you run out of money or take the campaign down, your traffic runs dry. 

On the other hand, blogging is a fantastic way to drive more meaningful, organic traffic to your website — and best of all, it’ll continue to work in the background for years to come. 

How does this work? Your website probably doesn’t have a lot of pages you regularly update, but by blogging each post your write is another indexed page on your website that Google can rank in the SERPs — this drives traffic from users looking for answers to their questions. 

Blogs are also a great shareable resource to post on social media, which help you be discovered on platforms with an already active user base. Every blog article on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is another opportunity to reach and appeal to a brand new pair of eyes. 

Benefit #2: Blog posts turn newfound web traffic into leads

Blogging helps turn your website into a lucrative sales channel. 

Once your blog is working to drive traffic to your website, now is the time to convert this traffic into valuable leads for your business. 

Every blog post you write is a chance to turn onlookers into customers — and the best way to do that is by adding a call-to-action (or CTA) in your content. 

CTAs lead users from your blog post and towards the sales arm of your operation, often in the form of free assets and further information. 

A traditional CTA looks a little like these examples: 

  • “Check out this infographic”
  • “Learn more here”
  • “Shop now” 
  • “Install our plug-in”

Essentially a CTA is an anchor your business can attach to its blog that pulls your readers through each stage of the marketing funnel — a customer’s journey towards a purchase. 

Not every user that reads your blog can be converted into a lead, but blogging gives you an opportunity to at least find some success. 

Benefit #3: Blogging builds authority in your niche & creates trust flow

Running a blog is a visual trust indicator for consumers that helps build authority. 

When people are searching online they’re more often than not looking for an answer or solution to a problem — and blogging gives you the chance to lead this conversation and stay top of mind.

When you spend time consistently producing quality content on your website, your brand becomes a go-to source for trusted and reliable information. 

The best way to get started is to know what questions your potential customers are asking. You can do this by performing market and keyword research on sites like: 

  • Ahrefs
  • Answer The Public
  • Majestic
  • SEMrush

Or you can simply take from the SERPs by typing queries for relevant topics: 

Image: Google

Trust is not quickly earned, so blogging is a long game that takes dedication and careful planning to get right, but once that trust is established, readers quickly become customers within the flow of valuable content.  

Whether your website is new to blogging or you’ve been typing away for some time, feel safe in the knowledge your content efforts are generating a tonne of value for your business. 

From driving and converting traffic to establishing brand authority in your niche, blogging is still giving video content a good run for its money. 

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